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Boost Performance with Premium Coatings and Nitriding Services

Maximize Lifespan and Efficiency: Discover the Future of Industrial Component Enhancement

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700/15 Moo 6, Amata City Chonburi Industrial Estate,

T. Nong Mai Daeng, A. Muang Chonburi,

Chonburi 20000, Thailand

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Enhance with Precision: Tailored Coating Solutions for Supreme Durability and Performance

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Maximize Durability and Efficiency with Advanced Surface Engineering

Elevate Your Materials to New Heights with Cutting-Edge Nitriding Processes and PVD Technology for Unmatched Wear Resistance and Performance

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PVD Coatings

Achieve unparalleled hardness up to 3,200 HV and drastically reduce friction, all while committing to eco-friendly practices. Perfect for industries demanding the highest durability and efficiency, our PVD process offers a sustainable solution to traditional coatings. Transform your materials with precision, sustainability, and superior performance.

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Liquid Nitriding

Experience a leap in durability and performance with HEF Groupe's Controlled Liquid Ionic Nitriding. Our unique treatments, including renowned TUFFTRIDE® and MELONITE® processes, enhance ferrous alloys with unmatched wear, friction, and corrosion resistance. 

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